The MoReq2010 specification is intended to be used:

By businesses

  • As an aid for the procurement of a records system;
  • As a practical tool in helping organisations configure records systems to meet their business and legal obligations; and
  • As a guide to the audit of an existing records system implementation.

By experts

  • As a reference document for training courses and the preparation of course material;
  • As a teaching resource for academic institutions; and
  • As an example of how traditional records management approaches and archival science can be applied to modern systems requirements.

By industry

  • To guide the development of records systems by suppliers;
  • To integrate records systems with other business systems; and
  • As the authoritative source when undertaking the testing and certification of compliant solutions by accredited test centres.

By users

  • As a user-centric and easily understandable resource and primer on implementing records systems;
  • As the original for all translations; and
  • As a reference glossary for guidance on records management terms and their meanings.



MoReq®, MoReq2® and MoReq2010® are registered community trademarks The MoReq® specification is produced by the DLM Forum