Software, systems and site installations are formally tested and certified against the MoReq2010® specification. This work is done by DLM Forum accredited MoReq2010® test centres. (If your organisation is interested in becoming a test centre then visit this page for more information.) The test programme is currently in BETA.

About the BETA test programme

The MoReq2010 test framework is currently in BETA until the test materials can be verified in the field by testing against actual solutions. Until the test programme comes out of BETA updates of the test framework will be posted here from time to time. Remember to check back.

Where to start

If you are interested in testing and achieving DLM Forum certification against a software product or site installation for MoReq2010® then you should start by reading the overview and instructions.

Download the Test Framework - Overview and Instructions (PDF)

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

The first stage of readying your product for testing is to complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire or PQQ. This enables you to objectively assess your product against both the functional and non-functional requirements. When you choose an accredited MoReq2010® test centre they will want to first evaluate your answers to the questions in the PQQ before you proceed with formal testing. The PQQ is provided in Microsoft Word format so that you may complete the questions inside.

Download the Test Framework - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DOCX)

Test Modules

The test modules for MoReq2010® contain formal test cases for assessing how a product meets each of the functional requirements. They will be completed by an accredited test centre in accordance with the procedure laid out in the overview and instructions (see above). A product must pass all test cases to be certified against MoReq2010®. The Test Modules are provided in Microsoft Word format so that they may be completed by the test centre.

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 0: Familiarisation and training (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 1: Users and groups  (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 2: Model roles (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 3: Records (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 4: Model metadata (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 5: Disposal (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 6: Searching and reporting (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 6: Appendix B test data (DOCX)

  • Note that this document contains the test data needed for the previous test module

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 201: Hierarchical classification (DOCX)

Download the Test Framework - Test Module 301: Electronic components (DOCX)


Once you have successfully completed formal testing of your product with the test centre will forward your test report to the DLM Forum who will contact you to formally certify your product and publish it on the DLM Forum and MoReq websites. Certification is subject to a fee levied by the DLM Forum.

Download the Schedule of certification fees (PDF)

Note that this includes only the fee charged by the DLM Forum for certification and does not include the testing fees that you agree with your test centre.



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